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I strive to combine the latest methods with traditional wisdom.

Injury prevention

"With extended personal collaboration, it's not just about treating injuries, it's about prevention."

As a sports physiotherapist, I offer specialized sports injury prevention services that are individually tailored to each athlete. It encompasses a thorough strategy, delving into your distinctive attributes and evaluating personal elements like movement patterns and muscle imbalances, all while considering past injuries and conducting a detailed analysis of potential risks. This proactive approach allows potential problems to be addressed before they become serious issues. Our common goal will be to build a stronger, more resilient body that is better prepared to handle the physical demands of the sport you are playing.


"I try to heal the injury as quickly as possible and make sure it doesn't happen again. My goal (by trying) is to anticipate injuries and prevent them."

Manual therapy and therapeutic exercises are an effective combination aimed at rehabilitating injuries. I view each patient as an individual with unique physical and mental characteristics, and therefore it is what guides me in choosing the appropriate techniques. These can range from soft tissue work, joint mobilization, or muscle stretching to carefully designed therapeutic exercises.


“I am convinced that exercise can be an extremely effective tool for the prevention and treatment of many illnesses and injuries, and not only in sports. Each program I create is designed to reflect each individual's unique biomechanical patterns, posture, and current physical condition."

I work with a range of clients from a variety of disciplines including professional athletes and actors who are looking for ways to improve their health and well-being. And appropriate exercise is the way to go. The human body is a wonderfully complex and adaptive system and my approach is based on a deep understanding of its dynamics and complexity. As your body evolves, your carefully designed exercise plan changes to ensure it is always optimally tuned to your current demands and needs. Only in this way can exercise be effective.

VIT (Very Intensive Treatment)

"During the several hours of intensive treatment, every minute is dedicated to your recovery, allowing you to get back on top soon. I draw on my long and deep knowledge of physiotherapy in elite sport and capitalize on many years of experience."

It is an individual comprehensive recovery program in which I integrate different therapeutic methods. It is designed specifically for professional athletes and individuals who want to quickly return to peak performance and peak physical condition. It is also particularly suitable for recovery after surgery. An integral part of the treatment plan is a tailor-made dietary program supplemented by the recommendation of appropriate dietary supplements.

PAG (Premier Athlete Guard) - Movement Pattern Analysis

"Every athlete is a complex set of strength, agility, and endurance. Through rigorous movement pattern analysis, we not only protect these qualities but also strengthen them. Stay one step ahead of your opponents."

Movement pattern analysis is an individual prevention program for athletes. By anticipating potential injuries and addressing previous ones, we strive to maintain your top form and push the limits of your physical capabilities. The essence of the program is to strive for balance: "Achieve harmony, set the stage for peak performance, and minimize susceptibility to injury."

Physio on the road

"Improve your game with our comprehensive support: training, injury prevention, and physiotherapy for peak performance. We've got your back."

I am dedicated to personally accompanying elite athletes around the world, especially during tournaments. Most of my work involves injury treatment and prevention combined with appropriate physical training and nutritional counseling to achieve optimal physical performance.

Courses and training

Discover the secrets of sports health. Increase your performance and strengthen your overall health through my specialized courses.

by appointment, from a few hours to several days depending on the depth of the topic.
Content. Newly acquired skills will enable you to optimize training, reduce the risk of injury in sports, and unlock the maximum potential of your charges.

1 to 2 hours
Content: discover ways to live a healthier and happier life - from exercise tips to proper breathing and sleep hygiene, to dietary recommendations and supplement use. Even small lifestyle changes can lead to significant improvements in health and quality of life.

by appointment, up to 30 hours.
Content. They offer the latest findings in injury prevention and athlete care, as well as rehabilitation methodologies and advanced techniques for those on the front lines of sportsman care.


Sport is Pain

How do I not get injured while playing sports and heal quickly if it happens?

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