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How do I work?

I believe that finding the origin, the root of any injury, is key to effective treatment. It's not just about treating the problem, but also discovering and addressing the root cause. This deep understanding allows me to create a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

I see the body as one interconnected whole, where an injury or problem in one area can potentially affect its overall function. Therefore, my approach to treatment takes into account the interaction of different parts of the body to promote overall health.

I know

I am a minimalist, usually using only my hands to reach tissues deep in the body.

I find

I try to discover the cause of the injury on three levels: structural, metabolic, and emotional.

I treat

I often combine manual therapy with movement therapy. I use various breathing techniques as well as the latest scientific findings while adjusting biorhythms and eating habits.


During my professional education at the Medical School in Oviedo (Spain), I started to build my career in the youth football team of the Spanish league. A significant moment was when I became one of the five physiotherapists in the ATP tennis circuit. Over time, I expanded my scope from tennis to other sporting disciplines including athletics, basketball, football, and other extreme sports. Currently, I provide physiotherapy services and consultation to executives of major corporations, political figures, and for the past three years, Hollywood actors during film shoots.

I believe that true professional competence is not only education but more importantly practice and a wide range of experience with a variety of patients. For me, finding the most effective method of treatment or training is a unique challenge in each case.

However, my professional journey does not end with treatment alone. I am also involved in the education of new generations as a teacher at the European University of Real Madrid, where I share my knowledge and experience.


admission to ATP (physiotherapist)


start of cooperation with the Czech Davis Cup team


first series of Physiotherapy in Sports Elite courses (30 lectures in Spain, Italy, and Portugal)


Association of Sports Physiotherapists AFDE (co-founder)


"Recovery Center" clinic for surfers in El Médano, Tenerife (co-founder)


beginning of a personal collaboration with tennis professionals - Physio on the road (Rafael Nadal, Ernests Gulbis, Dominic Thiem, and others)


TENISUR Clinic (co-founder)


founding of SPA Bahia del Duque clinic, Tenerife


beginning to work as a professor with the European University of Real Madrid


beginning of cooperation with the windsurfing champion Philip Köster (Red Bull)


medical director at Laver Cup


cooperation with SPARTA PRAHA (Dávid Hancko, Ladislav Krejčí...)


beginning of cooperation with Hollywood actors (Orlando Bloom, Chris Hemsworth, and others)


Started as a professor at the University of Malaga


The world-renowned physiotherapist Michal Novotný has been caring for top athletes for more than 25 years.

The world's best tennis players, as well as many other professional athletes, footballers, and Hollywood actors, have passed through his hands.

Sports celebrities:

Hollywood actors:


Throughout my career as a sports physiotherapist, I have been fortunate to travel with athletes all over the world. On these trips, I have studied and perceived different approaches, visions, and techniques on how to understand, treat, and approach injuries. All of this gradually began to be reflected in my outlook and way of healing.

Even the latest findings in medicine and modern science shape my practice, and I try to respond to them immediately and incorporate them into my work. I am fascinated by the dynamic development of these fields in recent years. Last but on least, I am inspired by the wisdom and work of ancient Greco-Roman artists and philosophers, for they offer unique perspectives on the human body that are still relevant today. Where better to study human proportions than in Leonardo's Vitruvian Man or Michelangelo's David? I believe that a combination of modern methods and traditional wisdom can offer the most comprehensive and effective form of treatment. Today, I have handled more than 30,000 cases involving professional athletes throughout my career. And with each new patient, my experience grows and enriches me. Nothing is more valuable to me than seeing a patient healed. That's the engine that drives me forward.

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