My new book


Sport is Pain

How do I not get injured while playing sports and heal quickly if it happens?

Let's be honest with ourselves.

No sport is 100% healthy and the risk of injury lurks in all of them. Many of us even have to give up our favourite sport because of the health problems it causes.

How to avoid this? How can we reduce the risk of injury to a minimum? And how can we heal as quickly as possible if we still get injured?

This is what Michal Novotný explains in his book. He will teach you to understand your body better and reveal the most effective methods of modern sports physiotherapy and fitness training with lots of practical tips, illustrated by real stories of his clients.

In the book you will learn...

(among other things)

The risks of each sport; not just injuries, but injuries caused by the unilateral nature of each sport.

That just a few key habits and appropriate exercises can be enough for effective prevention.

How to play sports healthily, taking into account your age, somatotype and mental setup.

How the different parts of the musculoskeletal system work, how to treat their injuries properly and how healing can be accelerated by appropriate movement and nutrition.

Why to avoid sprays, icing and other outdated treatment methods that are still used, although they are rather harmful.

"In sport, we can't avoid pain, but we can understand it so that it serves us well."

— Michal Novotný